Day 1

The challenge for today (2-20-16) was to lessen the amount of purchases made this week by clearing out the closet, skipping a few items on the grocery list, and collecting all of your trash.

As a college student who gets most of her meals from Burwell, my grocery list does not consist of much. However, I made a list and deleted items that came in packaging so as not to overflow my trash collection bag. So that meant no protein bars, or bagged granola. Thankfully I was at home this weekend, so I was able to make my own of both. This was so much fun and allowed me to spend quality time with my family in the kitchen. It was satisfying to know ans be in control of what I was going to be putting into my body the rest of the week. Also,  I very rarely shop for new items other than grapes and granola every month, but just to make sure I would stick to the guidelines of this no-impact week, I budgeted my spending to only include the granola and some gas to get me to and from work.

Overall, I do not purchase much. I buy most of my clothes at Goodwill and try to reuse things as best I can. I do want to be less dependent on stores and material things. Today was a nice chance to clean out some stuff without the pretense of making way for new stuff to fill its place. I’m thankful that all of my physical needs are beyond met. With that, I am determined not to take advantage of this blessing and instead steward it well. That looks like using what I have and using it well.


One thought on “Day 1

  1. Kendall,
    Its great that you got to be in the kitchen with your family this weekend. I know that one of the most important things about this challenge is to have fun and increase happiness, you obviously did that here. It’s cool that you made your own granola and protein bars instead of buying them from the store. I’m sure you saved alot of money and made them healthier than any packaged protein bar out there. Good Luck with the rest of your week!


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