Day 2

The challenge for today (2-21-17) was to stop making trash.

I waste so much paper. I love sticky notes, gum, and paper towels. Collecting trash for me was hard today because I would accumulate things without even thinking about it. Wastefulness is so ingrained into who I am as a person, I did not even realize I am being wasteful until my bag was nice and plump. My bag had a good many paper towels from washing my hands way too many times, which I realized is also wasting water. I had the paper my sandwich from Zach’s was wrapped in, because there was not a good way to avoid that piece of trash.

The no trash emergency pack was cool for me because I am careful about using Tupperware, real utensils, and a thermos/water bottle instead of paper materials. In other words, I enjoyed it because it is something I already do. Carrying around a handkerchief, however, was a challenge. I have pretty bad allergies, and so I go through many tissues on a daily basis. I am willing to accept that tissues are a waste, and I want to do a better job of not filling my trash bag with them for the rest of the week and beyond. Carrying a hanky is a simple way to cut down on my daily impact.


2 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. I definitely feel you on the wastefulness being ingrained into who I am! This week has really opened my eyes to just how much trash I produce and it has been cool to see how much I can reduce my impact this week. I was a little hesitant myself to not use so many tissues, just because of how much sickness has been going around lately. How’s it been working for you? 🙂


  2. I am glad that this project helped you to realize the amount of waste that you create. I too, create more trash than I would like and I have continued to work to reduce the amount that I produce. I think that one suggestion that I can give you for using so much paper is to try use more electronics. So instead of writing down a list of things to do on a sticky note try to make a list on your phone or perhaps even take notes on your laptop rather than using up paper. I also encountered the problem of food trash, from Zach’s and Phase V and finally had to lose the battle and accept the fact that I had to have my food packaged someway at these restaurants.


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