Day 4

The challenge for today (2-23-17) was to buy food grown within 100 miles of your home or define limits for your diet that leave less of a carbon footprint.

For me, leaving a smaller footprint this week looked like going vegetarian. Eating meat is something I have tried to do less this month, but had become discouraged in recently. Today reminded me how great of an impact consuming meat has on the environment. According to Katherine Boehrer of the Huffington Post, meat consumption counts for 30% of the United States’ water footprint. After reading about the effects of wasted water and also about the horrors of a lack of clean water, I want to be very careful about how I treat this precious resource. The resources we use on meat as a luxury good should instead be used to help other countries whose people cannot even feed themselves. Think about what 30% more clean water could do for a third-world country during a famine.

After this week, I am not going to become a full-fledged vegetarian. I am going to continue to cut back on how often I eat animal products. The most challenging thing about today was how not in control I am of where my food comes from. Because I cannot afford to grocery shop and cook meals on my own, I have to go along with what Aramark puts in front of me. I try to eat what looks the least processed and hope for the best, but I know that most of even the produce comes from more that 250 miles away from Spartanburg. I look forward to the day when I am in more control of where what I put on my plate comes from.

Here are some articles I read about Aramark from other schools while writing this blog, I did not use any information from them specifically, but I did find them interesting:


One thought on “Day 4

  1. I agree with you Kendall, except I don’t think I can go vegetarian. Maybe I could for a week, but I didn’t think about cutting back on my animal products as much as I should’ve for this project, but I did cut back a little. And like you said it is very hard since we can’t cook our own meals easily and get our food from the dining hall, and we don’t know how fresh, or local that food is. I also look forward to the days when I can buy my own food, cook it and know what I am eating and how much I am consuming.


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