Day 5

The challenge for today (2-24-17) was to unplug from technology/electricity.

Before I came to school, I decided I wanted to own less material items and have less impact on the environment. For a while, I have felt like I failed at reaching that goal. This week, especially today, has shown me just how “unplugged” college has allowed me to be. I love not having a TV here and have decided I never want to own one. I enjoyed relying on sunlight to do my homework today. It was less bleak to study with the sun, and I even ventured outside when I needed a little more light, which gave me a chance to grab some Vitamin D.

I avoided charging my phone today as a way to conserve energy. In order to avoid needing to charge it, I lessened how much I used it. This too was refreshing and the best way I could say no to electricity. I always like having an excuse not to look at my phone. Today gave me a great, planet-saving excuse. I can honestly say I was happy about the changes I made the whole day.


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