Day 6

The challenge for today (2-26-17) is to get involved.

This morning was special because I was actually able to attend a conference that hosted multiple missionaries, nonprofits, and relief organizations. I was excited that my morning was already devoted to the no impact theme for today. I was able to attend a seminar on the refugee crisis and was surprised to find out that there are many refugees in the Greenville area. I was also heart-broken over the hardships they face. Refugees need people to drive them around, help them learn English, and just welcome them in. I am not in the place to help with that, but I am hoping I can use the information I learned to mobilize others and help once I am able.

I want to get more involved in the Spartanburg Community whenever I have the chance. I was not able to “get out there and do” today, but I did look up resources so that my friends and I can soon. The Spartanburg Community Indicators Project website has so many resources to help people get involved with what they are passionate about in a way that will make Spartanburg better.

Here’s the link:


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