Day 7

Today (2-27-17), I took an eco-sabbath for an hour.

What I did for my eco-sabbath was head outside and do my homework in my eno. This was not a new thing for me, but I want to do it more often. It was hard to resist heading back inside to grab my phone or use water, but remembering that I was doing nothing to impact the environment at the moment was such a cool thought, I resisted the temptation.

Going forward, I want to plan better. I want to start carrying a towel around with me so I can stop using paper towels all over campus. I want to buy as much of my clothing as possible from thrift stores and try to eat as local as possible. And I have got to figure out how to make less trash! I want to make others more aware of how much trash we accumulate. It is absolutely disturbing, but most people do not even realize how big of a footprint they are living. Right now, I am wondering how small I can possibly make mine. I also want to start making daily lists of what I am thankful for, and I want to be thoughtful enough for none of those things to be actual material things.


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